Local Event DiscoveryPaper Prototyping, Balsamiq, Photoshop
an iOS app for finding fun things to do nearby
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A vision iOS app optimized for iPhone 5 that helps in finding out things to do nearby. See Sports, Theater and Concert events.

HCI Master's Project - Documentary Explorer Balsamiq, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Photoshop
iPad app that shows additional information about a documentary playing on TV screen in real time
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With the advent of the iPad and other tablets and smart internet connected television, the idea of using the iPad as a remote control seems very natural, where the television and the tablet synchronize harmoniously to provide a richer experience to the viewers. This two-screen setting can fill the holes in the current viewing model by providing a supporting information exploration structure on the iPad when viewing content on the television.

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Justified StoryMapHTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Photoshop
Companion iPad app for the TV show Justified
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StoryMap is a companion iPad web app for the FX TV series Justified and is used as a secondary screen to create a character map synchronized with the TV content, character relationships and other compendiums to support navigation of story threads across episodes.

The project's paper was published at Euro ITV 2012.

Art Not ArtHTML, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop, Phonegap
Social voting on art work from Flickr to determine if it really is art
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Art Not Art is a simple app prototype for that lets users vote on images to decide if it can be considered art or not(duh).

The gallery presents the "art" and users can swipe and select any one and vote on it, add their comments or share it with their friends. The images are taken from flickr.

SafePathPHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop
Find the safest path home, call for help in emergency
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SafePath is a suite of mobile applications for students, faculty and on-campus law enforcement which aims to enhance safety in an urban university campus environment, prone to on-campus crimes. The SafePath app for students and faculty shows the safest path between two points in and around campus.

When in danger, students and faculty can call for help from on-campus law enforcement at the push of a button. SafePath app for on-campus law enforcement provides a real time dashboard map of crimes around campus, location of other patrol cars and shows help calls from students and faculty in danger. Read the paper here

Face The MusicPHP, MySQL, Flash, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop
Play music for your mood
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Face the Music won the 2nd place at Yahoo's HackU hackathon 2012 at Georgia Tech. The hack detects a person's mood (sad, angry, neutral, hopeful, happy) and plays music according to it. The application uses's API to detect mood from an image and's API to play back music tagged with the detected mood.

The aim is to move a person's mood towards happy, hence one song from each mood, till the happy mood is reached is played, based on the theory of 7 stages of grief. Thumbnails for the coverflow are not the album art, but images that represent the current mood, to empathize with a person's feeling.

CoucheBayPHP, Kinect, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop
Shop for things you like on your favorite TV show, from your couch
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CouchEbay was the winner of the eBay/Paypal 2012 hackathon at Georgia Tech. CouchEbay was a team hack which presented a concept of purchase of things appearing in a TV show. Things like Sheldon Cooper's shirts from The Big Bang Theory were annotated with actual products on eBay.

We used a Kinect to detect a grab gesture when the annotations appeared, to add the product to the viewer's eBay watch list. We also created a companion iPad app, which updates in real time when an annotated product appears on the TV screen, should the viewers not own a Kinect. My contribution was the front end design and development.

Flu AnalyticsHTML, CSS, jQuery Mobile, Google Charts, Photoshop
See the flu patterns and prepare yourself
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Flu Analytics was the finals project for the Visual Culture and Design class. The task was to create a mobile application that would help the CDC in preventing the spread of flu.

The Flu Analytics app takes data from the CDC's public feed and visualizes the spread of the flu, so that the action takers can channel their resources towards the hard hit areas and prevent its spread at an early stage.

Ridecell Bus TrackerPython, Django, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery Mobile, Photoshop
See when will your bus come
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RideCell bus tracker mobile web app lets users see live bus arrival times and track buses on a map in realtime. The app also supports creation of notifications to remind users about the arrival of a bus and lets users find the stops nearest to them on a map and see the buses at those stops.

As a summer web developer intern at RideCell, a transportation software solutions provider for many US universities and transit agencies, my responsibility was to develop the mobile application in its entirety using the back-end functions developed by another engineer.

Ridecell Night Ride ShuttlePython, Django, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery Mobile, Photoshop
Request a ride late at night to travel within the campus of your university
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Developed the mobile app and enhanced the desktop application for their night shuttle ride request system, which is being used in 8 universities in the US.

The system lets users make ride request between locations on the campus at night, the requests are then dispatched to drivers on a tablet, who then proceed to pick up the students.

StoryLinesPHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop
Explore news and TV shows on a timeline
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StoryLines is a web application that explores future possibilities in interactive television by representing news stories and entertainment shows on a filterable timeline on an iPad as the visual remote control and plays video on Google TV's Chrome browser.

The paper for the application has been selected in Advances in Computer Entertainment 2011 conference in Lisbon, Portugal where I represented the lab.Storylines was a team project for the eTV lab.

Reliving Last NightPHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop
Play with the possible outcomes on a date night
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Reliving Last Night is a fictional story about a girl trying to remember about her date last night, with branching possibilities in a multisequential narrative which allows for more than one coherent traversal path.

It details the way in which the same evening could end up very differently, based on three parameters which the viewer can vary at will on a puzzle like interface on the iPad. The application is based on the master's thesis of a previous member of the eTV lab, Sarah Cooper.

Objects with MemoriesAndroid, NFC, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop
Give a digital meaning to your cherished tangible objects
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The project explores association of physical objects like souvenirs with pleasant memories they may represent like vacations, relationships etc.

The implementation tagged physical objects with programmed Near Field Communication(NFC) tags and upon tapping such object on a NFC reader, a slideshow of the pictures associated with the memory shows up on a screen and related audio plays on the reader. This is a team project for the Ubiquitous Computing class.

Redesign the RecipeHTML, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop
A recipe app on the iPad
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The goal was to recreate and represent conventional recipes using the digital medium. This was an individual project for the Visual Culture and Design class.

The solution is an iPad web application that helps users explore and prepare exotic foreign recipes and provides options for purchasing ingredients online, viewing nearest stores that keep hard to find ingredients and explains the characteristics of these ingredients.

Redesign the Food labelIllustrator, Photoshop
A new way to look at nutritional information labels on food products
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The goal was to reimagine the conventional FDA approved Nutritional Facts label found on food products and to make the label informative, instructive, and memorable.

The solution is a redesigned label for Kit Kat Wafer Chocolate which emphasizes on graphically representing the ingredients and the recommended % daily value of nutrients. This was also an individual project for the Visual Culture and Design class.

Tennis Information VisualizationJava
Why did Roger Federer lose the Wimbledon 2008 Final?
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The interactive visualization enables users to see rallies on a tennis court and filter out information of interest and answers questions like which player won which point/game/set and what type of shots were played, with information available at fine and coarse levels.

The visualization may help players and their coaches to find out potential flaws and improvement scopes. This was a team project for the Information Visualization class.

Assistive technology for seniors using computersIllustrator, Photoshop
Augmented reality acting as an assistant for the elderly
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The project involved rapid prototyping of 3 variations of a futuristic computer vision system, that would guide seniors through tasks which involve use of technology, by being aware of the current state of the user, their objective and surroundings.

The project included user study, prototype design, requirement analysis, user testing and evaluation. This was a team project for the HCI class.

google tv optimized site for eTV LabHTML5, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop
10-foot UI for the eTV lab's project showcase
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The Google TV optimized website for the Experimental Television Lab (eTV Lab) showcases current and previous projects of the lab. The site is a 10-foot UI, one which can be used and observed from distances of upto 10 feet.

The website integrates with the control buttons for play, pause, volume controls etc. on the Google TV remote.